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The first 10 days, of the 100 Day Project Video Edition, this could be my hardest challenge yet.

Day 1 - Hey Bro is Dancing in the Street

Day 1 - Hey Bro is Dancing in the Street - Using simple cubes, experimenting with UV maps using photography as textures, the images were taken from old comic books and photos I’ve shot,HMV on Yonge Street in Toronto, the other a glass building photo taken from the top of the Eaton Center. The Hey Bro character is just an Image as plane, a solidify modifier to make it look thicker. The song on reels I used was Dancing in the Street by Martha & The Vendeals recorded at Hitsville Studios on June 19 1964 & released on July 31st the song was written by Marvin Gaye William “Mickey” Stevenson & Ivy Jo Hunter


Day 2 - 30 Flavors of Chili

Day 2 - 30 Flavors of Chili In honor of the WWE Royal Rumble check out is my list of ingredients. Song was Flavor by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from the album Orange

  1. Ground Beef

  2. Tacos

  3. Guinness

  4. Tomato sauce

  5. Cilantro

  6. Avocados

  7. Chili powder

  8. Limes

  9. Oregano

  10. Nachos

  11. Junction reaper

  12. Garlic

  13. Tomatoes

  14. Carrots

  15. Monterey Jack cheese

  16. Onion

  17. Lemons

  18. corn

  19. Black beans

  20. Pepper

  21. Smoky chipotle seasoning

  22. Grounded Garden peppers

  23. pepperoni

  24. Mango

  25. Long onions

  26. Jalapeno

  27. Caribbean pepper

  28. carolina reaper

  29. Ghost pepper

  30. Guinness cheese hot salami


Day 3 3/100

Song Moving to Canada - Emula$


Day 4 4/100

Day Tripping: Dingle, Malta

Songs: Icky Thump - The White Stripes

Rise Up - Yves Rock feat Jaba

Part 1

Also known as the Dingle Cliffs named after Sir Thomas Dingley who was a Knight in the Order Of Saint John. The village is 5.7 km2 (2.2 sq mi) at height of 250 m (820 ft), I remember people jumping off these cliffs when I was younger, though they were crazy for even thinking about jumping from that High. It’s such a breathtaking place to explore.The photos in the video were taken in 2007, allot has change but you can still see the Island of Filfla, allot of legends surround the Island like, that’s where most of the sharks in Malta are, that aren't driving on the road, bombs were dropped around the Island during World War 2, but my favourite is from Graham Hancock author of the Book Underworld who has photos of Temples underwater similar to the one in the neighbouring village Hagar Qim The building shaped like a planetarium is Dingli Aviation Radar. The Chapel of Overlooking the Cliffs is St. Mary Magdalene which was completed April 15 1646.

Part 2


Day 5 5/100

Texture Painting the Lost Planet

Song: Sad & Young - Trans Am

Really want to learn, how to texture painting in Blender, this really my first go at it, so made the planet using a the Landscape add on, watched a few youtube tutorials, but mostly just played around with the brushes so far airbrush seems to work best, added concrete and burnt limestone texture. Still want to figure out the clone tool. Definitely going to use this more looking to use photos I’ve taken as for the bush colour & for texture.


Day 6 6/100

Air Balloons Dancing in the Sky

Song: Floating Away - Florvy

Using the pictures from weekly Pairs Collage Collative which was a Chinese lantern, photography taken by David Becker. Picked an IcoSphere, turned into an air balloon, uv unwrapped it, UV Mapped to parts of the Chinese lantern, then duplicated 3 other air balloons, one is from a collage created for last years 100 Day Project, the other is a famous painting from a cathedral, the last is the Hey Bro Logo. To move the air balloons I created curves & parented them selecting follow path. The Camera shots just picked where they looked cool. The world from the Dynamic Sky addon.


Day 7 7/100

UFO Exploring the Mediterranean sea

Song Valtari Sigur Ros

I shot the video while snorkelling with an underwater camera on my trip in Malta in 2017. The UFO is from an old Russian Book about UFOs. That has been photoshopped to turn the colour from black and white to yellow and blue. Most of the video was shot in really shallow water, you could see the sunlight coming through the water which gives it a really cool effect. The song I chose was by Sigur Rós for the really spacey trippy vibe


Day 8 8/100

Smokie Sunday

Song: Shadowman - Noname Phoelix

Usually enjoy taking long walks especially on a Sunday afternoon, on this day I went to an industrial area in the neighbourhood of the Junction. I filmed smoke from one of the factories and layered over some pigeons, graffiti building and of course CN Tower. Song Shadow Man it's a song I just discovered and felt like my walk I just went on as If I were the Shadow Man.


Day 9 9/100

Fixing a Broken Bike Brake

Song: Tough Guy - Beastie Boys

On a day when I rode from Burnaby to my home in Vancouver. While rolling down the alley, my Bicycle brakes went & was next to a very busy street. So I had to quickly fix my breaks. The song I chose was Tough Guy by the Beastie Boys because you gotta be tough to bike ride around in Vancouver and it's punk and I was in an alley.


Day 10 10/100

The Room Feels Like is Spinning

Song: Goodbye Enemy Airship - Do Make Say Think

This is me experimenting in blender with different curves and following the path. So I picked a few PNG's that I've used in collages: the red airplane and the cowboy riding a horse. Bot da Bot is from one of my paintings then photoshopped, The ICO spheres with the lights inside, UV collage from last year's 100 100 day project & the other I believe is just a word. The song is Goodbye Enemy Airship by Do Make Say Think just a cool song and a great band so I picked it.


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