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100 Day Project 40 - 49 Under water in High Park, a mirrored Camp Fire and Blender City

Day 40

Under The Icy River

On a walk thru High Park put my camera Nikon coolpix camera under the icy shore of Grenadier Pond.


A Symphony Pathetique - A Winged Victory for the Sullen


Day 41

High Speed Train thru High Park


Tenley Town - The Walkmen


Day 42

Mirrored Camp Fire

Sitting by a campfire, I used a mirrored setting on my old cameras.


Rage Man - Mogwai


Day 43

City Wave

Building a City in Blender 3D , which I’m using for experimenting & sharpening my skills, I added an Arc Way which was uploaded from Unreal Engine, the texture is a close up photo of a Blue Cage.


Spain - Chick Corea



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