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April 23

Canada Book Day

Picnic Day

Take a Chance Day

1867 The paper clip is patented by John Vaaler

1914 Weegham Park now known as Wrigley Field has its first Baseball Game played their.

1931 Public Enemy opens at the movies

1953 The Film Shane premieres in New York Directed by George Stevens Staring Alan Ladd & Jean Arthur.

1971 The Rolling Stones release the album Sticky Fingers

1985 Coke a Cola releases New Coke to a epic fail.

2005 The first Youtube video is posted “Me at the zoo”

Happy Birthday

1897 Lester B Person Prime Minister of Canada

1928 Shirley Temple actress

1936 Roy Orbison musician

1943 Tony Esposito NHL goaltender

1954 Michael Moore film director

1961 George Lopez Stand up comedian, actor

1975 Jonsi - Sigur Ros

1995 Gigi Hadid model