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On This Day

August 22

Tooth Fairy Day

1902 Henry Ford and his partners start the Cadillac Automobile Company.

1921 J. Edgar Hoover joins The FBI as Assistant Director

1979 The album In Through The Out Door is released by Led Zeppelin

1985 The Manchester Air Disaster

1990 PUMP UP THE VOLUME is released in movie theatres

1999 SummerSlam ’99 Mankind wins the Triple Threat match for WWF Title

Happy Birthday

1917 John Lee Hooker musician

1939 Valerie Harper actress

1948 David Marks musician in the band The Beach Boys

1958 Vernon Reid musician in the band Living Colour

1963 Tori Amos musician

1965 GZA rapper in the Wu Tang Clan

1973 Beenie Man reggae singer

1973 Kristen Wiig actress SNL

1978 Robert Levon Been musician in the band Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

1985 Jey Uso WWE Pro Wrestler Wrestler 6 x Tag Team Champion

1985 Jimmy Uso WWE Pro Wrestler 6 x Tag Team Champion

1986 Erika Heborn model

1987 Apollo Crews WWE Wrestler

1987 Karlie Simon Pornstar

1995 Charlotte Deering model actress,desc


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