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February 11

Make a Friend Day

1922 At the University of Toronto Frederick Grant Banting anncouces the discovery of insulin which helps treat with diabetes

1942 The comic Archie hits news stands.

1957 NHLPA NHL players Association is founded.

1964 Madison Square Gardens opens in New York

1976 The Toronto Eaton Centre opens

1990 James “Buster” Douglas become the Heavy Weight Champion by Knocking out Mike Tyson.

1996 SuperBrawl VI Hogan climbs the steal cage defeating The Giant, also Rick Fair pins Randy Savage to retain the WCW Title

2003 The Toronto Maple Leafs are sold by Steve Stavro to Bell Globe Media creating MLSE

2013 Kathleen Wynne of the Liberal Party is sworn in as premier of the province of Ontario as is the first women premier of Ontario

Happy Birthday

1847 Thomas Edison genius Inventor of Fluoroscopy, Incandescing Electric Lamp, Phonograph-Recorder

1936 Burt Reynolds actor Smokey and the Bandit, Deliverance, The Cannonball Run

1937 Eddie Shack NHL GREAT 4 x Stanley Cup Champion

1962 Sheryl Crow musician

1964 Sarah Palin politician

1964 Ken Shamrock wrestler first ever UFC Superfight Championship, in the UFC Hall of Fame, 1 x WWF Intercontinental Championship

1969 Jennifer Aniston actress Friends

1974 Alex Jones News personality & conspiracy theorist

1974 D'Angelo R&B singer

1976 Peter Hayes musician The Brian

Jonestown Massacre, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

1979 Brandy R&B singer & actress in 90210, & Moesha

1981 Kelly Rowland R&B singer in the group Destiny's Child & actress in Empire, Girlfriends, & Freddy vs. Jason

1998 Khalid musician



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