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On This Day

February 26

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

1935 Babe Ruth is released from the New York Yankees

1960 Famous Players Telemeter the world's first home TV pay per view service it broadcasted Movies, Pro Wrestling, Toronto Maple away games to all of 1000 viewers in Etobicoke hood of Toronto.

1966 The TTC expansion of the Bloor Danforth line opens From Keele to Danforth

1983 Michael Jackson album Thriller goes #1 on the charts

1991 LL Cool J drops the song Mama Said Knock You Out

1993 The World Trade Centre bombing by a truck bomb parked below the North tower.

1994 El Mariachi Directed by Robert Rodriguez opens in theatres

2005 Catwoman win the worst picture at the 25th Golden Raspberry awards

2012 The Artist wins best pictures at the 84th Academy Awards

Happy Birthday

1829 Levis Strauss founder of Levi Strauss & Co

1846 Buffalo Bill soldier

1952 John Harvey Kellogg co-creater of Corn Flakes

1932 Johnny Cash musician The Man In Black

1953 Michael Bolton singer

1971 Erykah Badu singer

1986 Leila Lopes model Miss Universe

1997 Bri Nicole model instagram star