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On this Day

January 25

National Opposite Day

1554 Sao Paulo, Brazil is founded by

1924 The first Winter Olympic Games opens in Chamonix, France

1972 Fritz the Cat is released in Movie Theatres.

1981 Oakland Raiders win Super Bowl XV over the Philadelphia Eagles.

1987 New York Giants win the Super Bowl XXI over the Denver Broncos.

1998 Denver Broncos win Super Bowl XXXII over the Green Bay Packers

2009 Randy Orton wins the WWE Royal Rumble

Happy Birthday to

1882 Virginia Wolf Author

1953 The Honky Tonk Man WWF super star Intercontinental Champion

1956 Andy Cox musician Fine Young Cannibalas

1957 Jenifer Lewis actress In Living Color, A Different World, Poetic Justice, Dead Presidents, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, & Black-ish

1962 Chris Chelios NHL Hockey Player 3 x Stanley Cup Champion

1974 Emily Haines Musician Metric, Broken Social Scene

1981 Alicia Keys Musician


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