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On This Day

January 4

National Trivia Day

1863 The Roller skate is patented

1889 The Granville Street Bridge open in Vancouver

1904 Ottawa Silver win the Stanley Cup over the Winnipeg Rowing Club

1984 Night Court Premiers on NBC

1999 Jesse "the body" Ventura is sworn in as Governor of Minnesota.

Happy Birthday

1957 Patty Loveless Musician

1960 Michael Stipe Musician R.E.M

1963 Dave Foley Actor The Kids in The Hall, NewsRadio

1965 Beth Gibbons Musician Portishead

1970 Chris Kanyon wrestler

1989 Kevin Pillar Toronto Blue Jays Baseball player

1990 Coco Lili youtuber

1995 Maddie Hasson actress


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