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June 27

Sunglasses Day

Canadian Multiculturalism Day

1860 Don Juan wins the fist Queens Plate as Carleton racetrack in Toronto

1893 The New York Stock Exchange crashes

1949 Louis St. Laurent leader of the Liberal party wins the Canadian federal election with 190 seat

1970 The album Ohio is released by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

1980 O Canada is announced as Canada official national anthem

1986 Wayne Gretzky wins the Hart Trophy for NHL MVP

1993 Julia Roberts marries Lyle Lovett

2004 At The Great America Bash JBL beats Eddie Guerrero in a Texas Bullrope match

2010 A riot brakes in Toronto during a G20 meeting

2013 The Cleveland Cavaliers pick Anthony Bennett making him the first Canadian selected 1 one overall in the NBA draft

Happy Birthday

1929 Dick the Bruiser wrestler

1942 Bruce Johnson musician played in the band The Beach Boys

1966 J. J. Abrams film director

1976 Cazwell rapper

1984 Khloe Kardashian Famous for being Famous

1984 Rocío Guirao Díaz model

1989 Bruna Tenório model

1991 Cece Frey singer


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