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On This Day

March 10

Mario Day

1804 The Louisiana Purchase, the Louisiana territory is purchased from US from France

1874 Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call to Thomas Watson

1973 Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon is released

1978 The Incredible Hulk premieres on CBS starring Bill Bixby

2008 On Monday Night Raw The Undertaker wins a Casket Match over Mark Henry, Chris Jericho wins the Intercontinental Championship over Jeff Hardy.

Happy Birthday

1818 John Ross Lawyer, Canada Senate divisions, president of the Grand Trunk Railway.

1940 Chuck Norris actor The Delta Force, Invasion USA

1951 Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe

1957 Shannon Tweed actress

1958 Sharon Stone actress, Total Recall, Basic Instinct, SNL, & Casino

1962 Jasmine Guy ActressIn this TV show a Different World.

1963 Rick Rubin music producer

1972 Timberland Rapper , Music producer

1974 Biz Stone one of the founders of Twitter

1977 Robin Thicke singer

1983 Carrie Underwood Country singer winner of American idol 2005.

1989 Heart Defensor YouTube star

1997 Julia Barretto Actress



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