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This Day in History

March 23

OK Day

1026 Halley’s Comet passes by earth

1839 The word OK is used for the first time in Boston Morning Post

1857 At 488 Broadway in New York the first Elevator is installed by Elisha Otis

1858 E A Gardner patents the Street Car

1888 The Football league has it’s first meeting in England

1946 Oklahoma State wins NCAA basketball Championship over North Carolina

1955 The Blackboard Jungle premiers in theatres the film will help make Rock Around the Clock a 1 hit.

1978 Bob Marley and the Wailers release the album Kaya

1984 Police Academy opens in theatres Directed by Hugh Wilson staring, Bubba Smith, Steve Guttenberg

1994 Above The Rim hits movie thearyers starring Tupac

1997 WrestleMania 13 Undertaker beat Sycho Sid for WWF World Heavyweight Title

1997 At the Golden Raspberry Awards Striptease wins best picture

1999 Outkast release the song Rosa Parks

2004 Madvillain releases the album Madvillainy

2016 Phife Dawg pases away

Happy Birthday

1937 Tony Burton actor Rocky, The Shining

1953 Chaka Khan musician

1968 Damon Albarn musician in Blur, Gorillaz

1973 Jason Kidd basketball player & coach

1978 Perez Hilton Blogger

1978 Nicholle Tom actress Beethoven, The Nanny

1992 Vanessa Morgan actress My Babysitter’s a Vampire


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