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Miracle on 34th

Miracle on 34th street was filmed in Black & White. It opened on May 2 1947. When it was released the Christmas theme was kept a secret. It’s was directed by George Seaton. With Maureen O’Hara played by Doris Walker & Edmund Gewenn as Kris Kringle who won the Academy Awards Best Actor in a supporting role. Writer Valtentine picked a 2 Academy Awards one for best scene play & Original Story . It ranks number 5 on American Film Institute Most Inspiring film of all time. The 1985 VHS release was one of the first classic films to be colonized.

Miracle on 34th 1994 Re-make

A re-make was made in 1994 was directed by Les Mayfield staring Richard Attenborough suits up a Kris Kringle, Susan Walker as Mara Wilson.


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