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On This Day OCTOBER 3

1789 The first american Thanksgiving declared by George Washington.

1849 Edgar Allan Poe is found dead.

1941 The world Premier of the film The Maltese Falcon directed by John Huston Starring Humphrey Bogart

1953 The debut of the cartoon Duck! Rabbit! Duck! staring Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck.

1963 A Military Coup in occurs in Honduras

1989 In Toronto Ground breaks on the SkyDome.

1992 American League East Title is won the Toronto Blue Jays


1995 OJ is acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman

Happy Birthday

1908 Johnny Burke musician

1941 Chubby Checker musician

1954 Al Sharpton activist

1954 Stevie Ray Vaughan musician

1962 Tommy Lee musician in the band Motley Crue

1969 Gwen Stefani musician

1971 Black Thought rapper in The Roots

1973 Neve Campbell actress in Party of five, Scream

1975 India Arie musician

1975 Tali Kweli rapper in Black Star

1984 Ashlee Simpson

1987 Zuleyka Rivera actress, model Miss Universe 2006

1988 A$AP Rocky Rapper

1994 Seth Jones NHL hockey player for the Columbus Blue Jackets.