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On This Day

September 27

National Chocolate Milk Day

World Tourism Day

1945 Rome, Open City the film premieres directed by Roberto Rossellini

1986 Cliff Burton bassist in the band Metallica tragically passed away in bus accident while on tour in Sweden

1994 Ween release the album Chocolate and Cheese

1998 Google hits the internet

1999 The film Three Kings starring ICE-CUBE, George Clooney, & Mark Wahlberg. Directed by David O. Russell

2001 Marvin Gaye get a star on the Hollywood Walk of fame is located at 1500 Vine Street.

2015 The Supermoon

Happy Birthday

1947 Randy Bachman in the band Bachman-Turner Overdrive

1953 Meatloaf musician

1963 Marc Maron actor, Podcaster Stand up Comedian

1972 Gwyneth Paltrow actress

1982 Lil Wayne rapper

1984 Avril Lavigne musician

1990 Lola Kirke actress Gone Girl



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