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Wrestling The Feud

Survey Says: WWF Wrestlers take their most devastating match as they step into the small screen in the Family Feud.

Your Host from Hamilton, Ohio Ray Combs

Led by Macho Man Randy Savage, The Forces of Good, with The Reverend Slick, Crush, Tatanka, & Big Boss Man, winning donations went to Headlock on Hunger.

In his corner Showstopper Shawn Michaels with his Mercenaries Of Evil with Papa Shango, Repo Man, IRS, & Mouth Of The South Jimmy Hart, winning donations went to Boy Scouts of Las Vegas.

WWE Superstars in 10 man tag in game of Family Feud start off with a Bullseyes match Where the Wizard got Jim The Mouth of the South was tongue tied, Then is was Macho Man squares for again Shawn Michaels where Savage beats him with a automobile, Crush gasses his opponents to give the Good Guys the win and chance to pay for $10,000.

In The rematch Mercenaries Of Evil start off with a win but the Repo Man turns on his team to help Crush & Forces of Good with an answer, but in the end Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels Superkicks his way into victory winning $9,000 for the Boy Scouts of Las Vegas.

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