September 15

September 4, 2019

September 15

International Day of Democracy

Free Money Day


1949 “Hi-yo Silver! Away!”  ABC premiers of the TV show Lone Ranger. 


1960 Rocket Richard announces he is retiring  from Hockey 544 goals

 1976 At Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens Canada beats Czechoslovakia 5 -4 to win the Canada Cup

1978 Up in Smoke hits movie Theatres 


1985 The first episode of Transformers season 4  airs 

1989 Sea of Love opens in movie theatres directed by Harold Becker Starring Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin John Goodman, Michael Rooker & Samuel L Jackson,   

2000 Let the Games Begin XXVII Olympics open on Sydney Australia 


Happy Birthday 

1254 Marco Polo explorer


1890 Agatha Christie author 

1903 Roy Acuff musician also on the tv show Hee Waw 

1946 Tommy Lee Jones actor

1946 Oliver Stone film director Natural Born Killers, JFK, The Doors

1964 Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein musician in the Band The Misfits 

1976 Paul Thomson musician in the band Franz Ferdinand 

1984 The Prince of Wale Harry 

1985 Kayden Kross Adult entertainer 



1988 Chelsea Kane actress

1996 Sommer Ray Instagram Model










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