September 30, 2019

On This Day 


World Day of Audiovisual Heritage 

1275 The city of Amsterdam is founded


1904 The opening Day of the New York Subway lines

1955 Rebel Without A Cause Opens In theatres 

1977 The Sex Pistols release their album Never Mind The Bollocks 


1982 Prince drops the LP 1999


1985 Dub the Show-Me Series, the Kansas City Royals would wind up winning  their first World Series beating the St. Louis Cardinals .


1986 The New York Mets Win the World Series in seven games Beating the Boston Red Sox.


1991 The Minnesota Twins win world series in 7 games Defeating the Atlanta Braves.



1999 The New York Yankees make it 2 in a row sweeping the Atlanta Braves and winning the World Series. 


2002 The Anaheim Angels Win the World Series in seven games Over the over the San Francisco Giants. 


2004 The Boston Red Sox win 100th World Seriers by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals &  breaking The Curse of the Great Bambino. 


2006 St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series in 5 games over the Detroit Tigers.



2008 Philadelphia Phillies win the World Series in 5 games over the Tampa Bay Rays. 




2011 In a tight 7 game series the  St. Louis Cardinals clinch the World Seriers over the Texas Rangers.



2014 John Tory is elected as mayor  of Toronto



Happy Birthday 


1858 Theodore Roosevelt 26 President of the United States 

1922 Rudy Dee Actress Do the Right Thing, America Gangster

1939 John Cleese Co founder of Monty Python comedy troupe


1940 John Gotti  Mobster

1958 Simon Le Bon Musician Duran Duran

1963 Marla Maples x - wife of American President  Donald Trump 


1967 Scott Weiland Musician Stone Temple Pilots


1973 Monica Louwerens actress in the Power Rangers

1984 Kelly Osbourne Pop /  Reality TV Star daughter of Ozzy Osbourne  

1997 Lonzo Ball basketball player with the LA Lakers 

































































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