August 24

August 16, 2016



On This Day 

August 24

Waffle Day

Potato Chip Day

Ukraine Independence Day


1853 The potato chips is invited by chef George Crum 

1891 The motion picture camera is patted by Thomas Edison 

1931 First day of shooting on Frankenstein 

1932 Amelia Earhart becomes the first women to Fly non-stop transcontinental 


1964 The single Matchbox B side Slow Down is released by The Beatles

1972 Two of hockey's greatest are inducted into the Hall of Fame Gordie Howe & Jean Beliveau

1979 Prince releases the single I Wanna Be Your Lover


1981 Mark David Chapman is sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of John Lennon 

1989 Pete Rose is barred from MLB for gambling 

2001 Ghost of Mars Opens at the movies directed by John Carpenter starring Ice-cube, Natasha Henstridge, Jason Statham, &  Pam Grier

2003 SummerSlam ’03 Triple H wins the Elimination Chamber match retaining the WWE Title.


2008  In Beijing China the opening of the 29th Summer Olympic Games

2009 SummerSlam ’09 CM Punk  wins World Heavyweight Title over  Jeff Hardy.



Happy Birthday


1929 Yasser Arafat former President of Palestinian 

1938 David Frieberg musician in the band Jefferson Airplane 

1944 Rock Johnson wrestler 

1945 Vince McMahon Owner of WWE


1952 Holly Hallstrom model actress 

1960 Cal Ripken Baseball great, Iron man

1960 Takashi Miike film director of Ichi The Killer,  Audition 

1963 John Bush musician in the band Anthrax 

1965 Reggie Miller Basketball player 

1968 Andreas Kisser musician in the band Sepulture

1973 Dave Chappelle comedian actor Chappelle Show, Half Baked


1980 Sonja Bennett actress

1994 King Krule musician



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