80’s Animated TV Christmas Specials

December 8, 2017



Naughty & Nice Christmas

Film List

80’s Animated TV  Christmas Specials



The Christmas Raccoons




Cyril Sneer a scrooge type charter along with his brainy son Cedric, are out to clear cut the Forest where The Raccoons Ralph, Melissa along with Bert live on Christmas eve.  After Cyril Sneer starts clear cutting the forest for profit.  The Racoons home are one of the trees that become one of the tress that get cut. Then dragged by the kids of the Forest Ranger Dan & their dog Schaeffer , their home to be Christmas trees, not realizing it’s The Racoons home. Cedric convicts his rich Dad their could be profit in re planting trees, so magical by Christmas morning new trees are planted and The Racoons get a new home.  This was an early way to send a message about big business who destroy the environment for profit it’s still going on today it may have gotten worse but this is Christmas list and supported to be fun.   


First aired in Canada on CBC on December 17, I remember  when this first aired. Directed by Kevin Gills & Paul Schibli with Rich Little as the narrator  Rita Coolidge - voiced Melissa, Bert voiced by  Len Carlson who also was in Green Goblin in the 60’s Spiderman TV cartoon. 



Astro Boy: The Light Ray Robot 1980 




 Astro befriends the newly invented invisible Light Ray Robot  which was stolen during a demonstration then be used to commit crimes, this happens over the Christmas.






The Real  Ghostbusters 

Xmas Marks the Spot




A retelling of a Christmas Carol with of course Ebenezer  Scrooge, The Ghostbusters are sent throw a time warp, wind up saving Scrooge from the three ghost that haunt him on Christmas Eve. To there dismay when they go back throw the time warp the world has  changed Christmas is no longer celebrated  and everyone in New York is say “BaH Humbug” instead of Happy Holidays. Peter winds up going back to the time warp to scare Scrooge straight, and save Christmas for not only the world but himself.  It first aired on December 13 1986 and currently available on Netflix    




Directed by Richard Raynis 

Arsenio Hall  - Winston Zeddemore 

Maurice LaMarche - Dr. Egon Spengler / Bob Cratchit / Ghost of Christmas Present (voice) (as Maurice La Marche

Lorenzo Music - Peter Venkman 

Frank Welker -  Dr. Raymound Stantz / Silmer / Stanta Clause 

Laura Summer - Janine Melinitz 

Peter Renaday - Ebenezer  Scrooge

























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