April 30

April 11, 2018

On This day

April 30

International Jazz Day

Bugs Bunny Day


1517 Evil May Day a riot breaks out in London, England 

1803 US buys Louisiana from Napoleon Bonaparte for 27 million

1938 Happy Rabbit aka Bugs Bunny makes his debut Porky’s Hare Hunt



1939 The  New York World’s Fair opens


1941 The song Swingmatism is released by Jay Mcshann its first appearance Charlie Parker 


1945 After being married for only 40 hours Adolf Hitler & Eva Braun commit suicide in a bunker.

1966 The Church of  Satan is open for service

1971 Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA Championship over the Baltimore Bullets 

1973 President Richard Nixon confesses to the Watergate scandal 


1976 Bob Marley and the Wailers release the album Rastaman Vibration


1976 Muhammad Ali beats Jimmy Young for the boxing Heavyweight Title

1977  Superstar Billy Graham wins the WWWF Championship over  Bruno Sammartino who held the title for 1,237 days.


1980  Gordie Howe plays his last NHL  hockey game

1988 Celine Dion wins the Eurovision song contest 

2000 At WWE Backlash 00 The Rock pins  Triple H to win the WWE Championship Title 





Happy Birthday

1908 Eve Arden actress Grease 

1948 Pierre Page Coach / hockey player

1961 Isaiah Thomas  NBA basketball player

1971 Darren Emerson in the EDM band Underworld

1975 Johnny Galecki  actor in The Big Bang Theory, Roseanne, Entourage, & National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

1982 Lloyd Banks rapper

1982 Kirsten Dunst actress starred in Fargo, Midnight Special, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, Jumanji, ER, Bring It On, Spider-Man, Saturday Night Live, On the Road, & Woodshock




 1984 Sophie Turner Lawyer by day  model by night  



1985 Gal Gadot actress Wonder Woman,  Fast & Furious series, Justice League,  Batman VS Superman 





1992 Travis Scott Rapper 






























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