August 5

August 1, 2019

On This Day

August 5

Underwear Day


1620 The Mayflower leaves Southampton England 

1891 American Express issue the first Traveller’s Cheques

1924 The debut of the comic Little Orphan Annie

1926 Houdini escapes from a an underwater coffin in 1 hr 1/2

 1957 The ABC-TV debut of American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark. 

1957 The debut of the comic strip Andy Capp

1962 Marilyn Monroe dies of a drug overdose 


1962 Nelson Mandela is arrested for leaving South Africa 

1966 The Beatles released the album Revolver and singles Yellow Submarine & Eleanor Rigby


1972 The song Nights in White Satin is released by The Moody Blues 


1974 The Runways are formed by Joan Jett

2003 Ween release the album Quebec 




Born Today 

Happy Birthday


1906 John Huston John Huston film actor one of the greatest director of all time known for The Maltese Falcon, The Red Badge of Courage, The Night of the Iguana & The Man Who Would Be King. 

1930 Neil Armstrong astronaut The first man on the moon


1937 Herb Brooks Hockey Coach won a gold medal

1959 Pat Smear musician in the bands Nirvana, Foo Fighters

1962 Patrick Ewing basketball great won @NCAA champion in 1984 played for @nyknicks

1968 Funkmaster Flex Hip Hop DJ

1975 Eicca Toppinen musician in the band Apocalyptica 

1987 Xenia Tchoumitcheva model actress 

1993 Suzuka Ohgo actress    
















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