August 7

August 1, 2019


August 7

Lighthouse Day


1606 The debut performance of Macbeth by Shakespeare 

1909 The Lincoln penny is issued 

1927 The Peace Bridge is open connecting  Fort Erie Ontario Canada &  Buffalo, New York, United States 

1930 Richard Bedford Bennett of the conservatives becomes the  11 Canada’s Prime Minister 

1950 Ferdi Kubler wins the 37th Tour de France

1971 Apollo 15  enters Earth atmosphere

1985 The MLBA ends the strike 

1986  The premiere film Stand by Me 


1989 George Clinton releases the album The Cinderella Theory 

2002 The premiere of Barbershop starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer 

2007 With his 756th home run Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron’s home run record  




Happy Birthday



1876 Mata Hari spy 


1960 David Duchovny actress 

1960 Jacquie O’Sullivan in the group Bananarama

1963 Patrick Kennedy Kennedy 

1966 Jimmy Wales one of the founders of Wikipedia 

1967 Sable model wrestling manger, Playboy Bunny


1975 Charlize Theron actress 


 1979 Alex James in the band Blur 

1982  Jasmin Mäntylä model

1987 Sidney Crosby NHL hockey player










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