August 2

August 1, 2019

On This Day 

August 2

 Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Coloring Book Day


1918 Vancouver general strike. 

1934 Hitler takes command of the German armed forces   

1937 Marihuana Tax Act 


1967 The film premiere of The Heat of the Night


1990 Iraq go to war with Kuwait

1985 The film Weird Science opens  Directed by John Hughes starring Robert Downey Jr., Kelly LeBrock, Anthony Michael Hall 



Happy Birthday


1892 Jack L. Warner co founder of Warner Brothers Entertainment Inc.  

1924 James Baldwin poet

1932 Peter O’Toole actor director Lawrence of Arabia, Caligula, King Ralph   

1939 Wes Craven Film Director:  A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream.


1950 John Landis actor 

1955 Butch Vig music producer Nevermind - Nirvana  

1961 Cold 187um rapper in the group Above The Law

1964 Mary-Louise Parker actress: Weeds


1970 Kevin Smith Director Clerks, 

1985 David Hart Smith

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