November 20, 2019

















Directed  & Written by  Michael Pereira


Starring Timothy Paul McCarthy  as Nash Caruthers


  Ian Dyck as Sorin Gabor II










A 2015 horror/comedy short film about a lonely, conflicted hobo lives an existence defined by a dark, insatiable need.



On this day, he crosses paths with a mysterious man 
who's also defined by allall-consuming, singular drive









In cold winter of 2015 Director Mike Pereira , Director of Photography  Jay Baskey  actors Timothy Paul McCartney, Ian Dyck & the rest of the Panic Button Films crew  started shooting the film Death Box. My father & I where the production designers for the film &  set had taken place in the family garage, we designed and built a coffin, with the idea that it open on all six sides.  





Death Box was shown at the Austin Revolution Film Festival we took the opportunity to attend the festival in Austin, Texas. It's a great festival for filmmakers to meet with other filmmakers, there was even a film screening at a Drive In Movie theatre &  it didn’t hurt that it's in Austin Texas, what a great city,  We had lunch at the Texas Chili Parlor where  Robert Rodriguez Quentin Tarantino film the scene from the film Death Proof & Grind House, also went to the graveyard where Texas Chainsaw massacre was filmed. 





Death Box also was shown at  Blood in The  Snow a  in our home city of Toronto Horror Film Festival that takes place in November.   


































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