July 25

July 24, 2016



On This Day

July 25

 Merry-Go-Round Day

 Hot Fudge Sundae Day


1547 France Crowns Henry II as the King go France 

1603 James VI of Scotland endowed as King of England

1837 The electrical telegraph is introduced.  

1868 Wyoming is inaugurated as a United States territory.  

1962 Kid Galahad premieres in movie theatres starring Elvis Presley 

1971 The album Surf’s Up is released by The Beach Boys  


1990 The Roseanne Barr National Anthem kibosh before a San Diego Padres MLB game 


1992  In Barcelona, Spain the opening ceremonies of the 25th Olympic Games 

1995 Bone Thugs-n-Harmony release E. 1999 Eternal 


2010 The WikiLeaks incident  


Happy Birthday 


1915 Joseph P. Kennedy Jr

1946 Rita Marley reggie singer wife of Bob Marley 

1958 Thurston Moore musician in the band Sonic Youth   

1965 IIIeana Douglas actress Goodfellas, Entourage, Ghost World, Seinfeld, Chasing Amy, To Die For, 

1968 Shi Tao poet

1975 EL Zorro wrestler 

1976 Tera Patrick  porn star 


 1981 Mac Lethal Rapper

1984 Lauriane Gillieron Model




1985 Shantel Yvonne VanSanten actress


1986 Hulk  footballer 





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