November 13

October 30, 2018


On This Day

November 13

World Kindness Day

1900 Baltimore Orioles enter the America league later become New York Yankees  

1940 Fantasia is released in theatres


1980 Raging Bull directed by Martin Scorsese Starring Robert De Niro opens in movie theathers.  


2004 Ol Dirty Bastard a founding member of the Wu-tang passes away in Manhattan

2005 Eddie Guerrero one of the greatest wrestlers of out time passes away of Heart Failure 

2006  On Monday Night Raw Jeff Hardy beat Johnny Nitro  to become the Intercontinental Championship  also the WWE Tag Team Titles change hands when Edge & Randy Orton beat Ric Flair  & Roddy Piper 




Happy Birthday

1945 Bobby Manuel musician Booker T and the MG’s

1947 Joe Mantehna actor director Bugsy, The Simpsons, 

1955 Whoopi Goldberg comedian actress Star Trek, The Lion King

1967 Jimmy Kimmel TV talk show host

1969  Gerard Butler 300, How to train your Dragon

1979 Metta World Peace 1 x NBA  Championship


1996 Lucy Fallon actress in the TV  show Coronation Street.
































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