September 30, 2019

On This Day  

October 21

International Day of the Nacho

Back to The Future Day  

1941 For Whom the Bell Tolls written by Ernest Hemingway is first published 

1942 Gordon Conant is sworn in as premier of Ontario 

1965 The Beatles record the song Norwegian Wood & Nowhere Man




1973 The Oakland Athletics Win back to back World Series This time beating the New York Mets.


1976 The Cincinnati Reds  become world series champs by sweep the New York Yankees





1998 New York Yankees sweep The San Diego Padres win the World Series.




1980 The Philadelphia Phillies When the franchises first World Series Beating Kansas City Royals.


2005 The Film Doom based on video game is released in movie theaters  starring The Rock, Karl Urban, & Rosamund Pike. Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak

Happy Birthday 

1833 Alfred Nobel invented Dynamite & whom the Nobel Prize is named after.


1917 Dizzy Gillespie Jazz master.

1949 Mike Keenan NHL Player & Coach  Won a Stanley Cup as coach of the New York Rangers

1956 Carrie Fisher,  Princess Leia


1959 George Bell played with The Toronto Blue Jays 1987 American League MVP

1965 Leslee Bremmer actress  

1976 Jeremy James Miller actor in the TV show Growing Pains   

1980 Kim Kardashian Famous for being Famous


1983 Amber Rose Famous for being Famous 


1992 Marzia Bisognin Youtube Star































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