September 30, 2019

 On This Day  


International Animation Day


1886 The Statue of Liberty is dedicated designed by Frederic Auguste Barthodi









1889 Vancouver Stanley Park is dedicated is named after the Governor General 


1904 Finger prints are first used by the St. Louis Police Department 

1981 The Los Angeles Dodgers Win the World Series In six games Over the New York Yankees. 


1989 The Oakland Athletics Sweep the San Francisco Giants To capture the World Series.

 1995 Atlanta Braves win the world series in 6 games over the Cleveland Indians.


2007 The Boston Red Sox sweep the Colorado Rockies to clinch The World Series. 



2012 The San Francisco Giants sweep the Detroit Tigers to win the World Seriers.









Happy Birthday 

1941 Hank Marvin Musician The Shadows 

1949 Caitlyn Jenner / Bruce Jenner  Olympic Gold Medalist, Kardashian 


1955 Bill Gates Co-founder of Microsoft

1969 Ben Harper Musician

1974 Joaquin Phoenix actor  Her, Gladiator, To die for, 8mm

1980 Christy Hemme WWE Wrestler, actress   

1992 Lexi Ainsworth actress 


































































































































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