September 18

September 4, 2019

On This Day

September 18 

World Water Monitoring Day

National Cheeseburger Day



1759 The British capture Quebec in the Seven Years War  

1809 Royal Opera House opens in London England

1851 New York Times hits news stands for the first time 


1899 City Hall Opens in Toronto by Mayor John Shaw

1941 CBS Columbia Broadcasting System Radio begins broadcasting on the radio

1942 CBC Canadian Broadcasting System  

1970 Jimi Hendrix passes way 


1976 In Malta’s general Election Dom Mintoff wins the election 

1984 Canada beats Sweden to win the Canada Cup

1987 The Princess Bride premiers at The Toronto International Film Festival 


2001 Mr. Dressup Erine Coombs passes away


Happy Birthday

1950 Darryl Sittler NHL great 

1951 Dee Dee Ramone musician in the band Ramones 

1956 Peter Stastny NHL Hall of Fammer

1967 Ricky Bell musician in the bands BBD & New Edition

1969 Cappadonna Rapper inthe group Wu-Tang Clan 

1971 Lance Armstrong cyclist, 

1971 Jada Pinkett  Smith actress Menace II Society, Gotham 


1974 Xzibit Rapper

1981 Jennifer Tisdale actress, pop singer 

1984 Dizzee Rascal Rapper

1989 Serge Ibaka NBA Basketball player plays for the Toronto Raptors 1 x NBA Champion

1995 Taylor Dye  Country Music Singer 











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