September 22

September 4, 2019

September 22

Elephant Appreciation Day


1874 The last great buffalo herd is slathered when they move from the US into Saskatchewan  

1888 The first issue of National Geographic  hits news stands 


1972 Game 5 of the Super Series Russia defeats Canada 5 -4 


1985 Farm Aid concert takes place with Willie Nelson,Bob Dylan, BB King 


1986 ALF premieres on NBC TV


1982 Family Ties Premieres 


1995 Se7en hit movie theatres directed by David Fincher


Happy Birthday 

1954 Shari Belafonte actress

1958 Joan Jett Rock Star

1957 Nick Cave musician 

1965 Tony Drago snooker player

1969 Matt Sharp Weezer

1970 Mystikal Rapper

1980 Fernanda Tavares, actress, model


1982 Billie Piper actress Secret Diary of a Call Girl.



1992 Anika Shay model 

1993 Portia-Valis Volkova actress in Game of Thrones








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