September 24

September 14, 2019


September 24 

National Punctuation Day


1927 The Toronto St. Pats change their name to the Toronto Maple Leafs


1934 Babe Ruth plays his last game at Yankee Stadium 

1948 Honda Ford Motor  Company is born

1954 The NBC premier of the Tonight Show

1964 The Munsters premier on the small screen 


1968 CBS debuts the show 60 Minis

1988 Ben Johnson breaks the world record in 100 meter dash 9.79 at the Seoul Olympics 



1991 The Low End Theory hits record stores a album by A Tribe Called Quest


2007 The premiere of The Big Bang Theory 


Happy Birthday

1896 F. Scott Fitzgerald Author

1930 Angel Muscat actor

1936 Jim Henson puppeteer created The Muppets


1948 Phil Hartman actor SNL

1976 Stephanie McMahon WWE part of The Authority 

1985 Jessica Lucas actress    

 1993 Sierra Furtado youtube Star 







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