September 8

September 4, 2019


On This Day

September 8

International Literacy Day 


1504 David a statue by Michelangelo is unveiled at the  Piazza della Signoria in Florence.


1565 The Ottoman siege of Malta is won by The Knights of Malta 


1921 Margaret Gorman is the first Miss America crowned 


1926b Germany joins the League Of Nations 

1930 Blondie the comic strip is first published 


1930 Scotch Tape is invented by Richard Drew

1952 The Old Man & The Sea a novel by Ernest Hemingway is published   


1966 On NBC TV Star Trek premieres 


1973 Star Trek the Animated Series premiers 


1973 Hank Aaron hits his 709 home run setting a new record 

1974 President Gerald Ford pardons the crimes of Richard Nixon 


1986 The first national broadcast of The Oprah Winfrey Show 


1991 Macedonia votes in favour of separating   from Yugoslavia  

1993 The film True Romance premiere in LA directed by  Tony Scott written by  Quentin Tarantino Starring Michael Rapaport, Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson , Patricia Arquette & Christian Slater.


1994 MTV music awards are held Cryin By Aerosmith wins video of the year Michael Jackson & Lisa Marie Presley kiss on stage 



1996 At the 48th Emmy Awards Friends wins Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series 


1999 The film American Beauty premieres starring Kevin Spacey, Mena Suvari, Annette Bening 



Happy Birthday


1915 Frank Candy actor 

1925 Peter Sellers actor 


1932 Patsy Cline musician


1941 Bernie Sanders politician  

1945 Ron Mackernan aka Pigen of the band Grateful Dead 

1945 Rogie Vachon former NHL goaltender


1954 Mark Lindsay Chapman actor in Max Headroom  

1964 Raven Wrestler Podcaster  1 x WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. 


1971 Martin Freeman actor starred in Ali G Indahouse, Shaun of the Dead, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hot Fuzz, The Hobbit fim series , Captain America: Civil War, Sherlock , Fargo & Black Panther.


1971 Davis Arquette former  WCW Heavyweight Champion. Actor who starred in  Scream, Ready to Rumble


1975 Larenz Tate actor Rescue Me, Menace II Society, The Wonder Years 

1979 Pink singer actress 

1985 Yendi Phillips model

1987 Wiz Khalifa rapper  


1988 Chantal Jones model actress 







1993 Pepi Sonuga actress 

2002 Gaten Matarazzo actor Stranger Things,desc

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