September 9

September 4, 2019


On This Day

September 9

North Korea Independence day



1791 The Capital of the US gets it’s name Washington  DC after President George Washington  

1850 California becomes the 31st State


1926 NBC National Broadcasting Company is formed.



1950 The first laugh track is used on the Hank McCune TV show 

1956 On The Ed Sullivan Show Elvis Presley makes his first appearance  


1969 French & English become the two official languages  of Canada

1971 Sunday Bloody Sunday opens in theatres 

1971 John Lennon release the album Imagine 



1972 Jim Croce’s album  You Don’t Mess Around with Jim hits # 1


1987 Nolan Ryan of the Houston Astros pitches his 4,500 strikeout vs the San Francisco  Giants in 4 - 2 game. 



1990 Goodfellas is released in movie theaters directed by Martin Scorsese Starring Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, & Samuel L. Jackson.


1992 Fratman aka Howard Stern makes his appearance on the MTV movie awards



Happy Birthday

1941 Otis Redding musician


1960 Hugh Grant actor

1975 Michael Buble’ musician 

1982 Ai Otsuka Actress

1987 Afrojack DJ

1988  Shizuka Nakamura actress

1993  Sarah Bridges as know as Sarah Logan WWE Wrestler 










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