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April 29

Dance Day

Zipper Day

1770 James Cook docks in Australia Botany Bay

1953 3D Television is experimented with the show Space Patrol

1961 Wide World of Sports debuts on ABC

1992 The LA Riots start after The LA PD are found not guilty for beating Rodney King

2004 The last Oldsmobile rolls of the production line

2015 Oriole Park at Camden Yards Baltimore Orioles vs Chicago White Sox is played to a empty stadium because of the 2015 Baltimore protests.

Happy Birthday

1899 Duke Ellington musician

1901 Hirohito Emperor of Japan

1933 Willie Nelson musician

1954 Jerry Seinfeld actor, comedian

1957 Daniel Day Lewis actor

1958 Michelle Pfeiffer actress

1967 Curtis Joseph goaltender

1967 Master P rapper

1970 Uma Thurman actress

1977 Titus O’Neil WWE superstar

1979 Jo O’Meara actress singer

1984 Taylor Cole model actress

1994 Mikaela Long youtube star

1996 Katherine Langford actress 13 Reasons Why