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On This Day in  Febuary

February the 2nd month of the year, with 28 or 29 days depending on if its a leap year or not, it’s the shortest but sometimes feels like the longest because it’s often the coldest and winter blues kick in full swing. February became a month in 450 BC, the word originates  from Latin the word Februum which is defined as “purification”.  We celebrate  Black History Month,  Saint Valentine's Day, Flag Day, & Family Day. 


Notable Events

4th 1789 George Washington is elected as 1st President of United States 

14th 1927 Conn Smythe buys Toronto St.Pats then changes the name to Toronto Maple Leafs

15th 1965 Canada raises it new red maple Flag on Parliament Hill 



5th 1934 Don Cherry NHL Coach, broadcaster

20th 1966 Cindy Crawford model, actress

13th 1981 Paris Hilton Reality TV Star, Super Model, DJ.


Flower - Viola & Primula Vulgaris


Birthstone - Amethyst


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