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December is the 12 month & last month of the calendar year.The word December comes from the Latin word Deem meaning ten, back when we used the calendar of Romulus. The December Zodiac signs are Sagittarius which ends on the 21st then on 22nd Capricorn starts. December flowers are narcissus. Birthstones are turquoise, zircon, & Tanzanite. December Observances No Gender December, National EggNog Month, & National Fruit Cake Month. We have alot of Holidays on December 21 The Winter Solstice, Christmas, Boxing day  & New Years Eve. Famous Birthdays Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada,  Britney Spears Diva pop icon, Nikki Sixx musician from the band Motley Crew, & Jean-Michel Basquiat artist. Historical Events December 4th 1909 Montreal Canadiens are established and the oldest & the NHL with the most Stanley Cups 24. December 8th 1980 John Lennon is shot by Mark David Chapman at The Dakota in New York city. December 23 1823 The Night Before Christmas originally known as A Visit from St. Nicholas is published.

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