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On This Day

January 31

Hot Chocolate Day

1901 Winnipeg Victorias beat Montreal Shamrocks for the Stanley Cup

1930 Scotch Tape begins begging marketed by 3M

1971 Countess Dracula opens in movies theaters Directed by Peter Sasdy Starring Ingrid Pitt.

1988 Washington Redskins win Super Bowl XXII over the Denver Broncos

1988 The Wonder Years premieres on ABC Fred Savage

1990 McDonald’s begins it’s invasion of Moscow

1993 Dallas Cowboys win Super Bowl XXVII Buffalo Bills

2010 Edge wins WWE Royal Rumble

Happy Birthday

1947 Nolan Ryan Baseball Pitcher, 1 X World Seriers Champion, 11 x Strikeout Champion

1956 John Lydon musician Sex Pistols

1981 Justin Timberlake Singer, Actor

1987 Marcus Mumford Musician in Mumford and Sons

1992 Sophia Body model


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