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The Blender Blog

Blender  Is an open-source software which was first released on January 2 1994. Blender can be used for a 3-D computer graphics, video editing & computer animation. I first started using Blender as an alternative to using iMovie. Recently I've changed my computer to a Desktop PC to make rendering easier and faster.  So far I have had weekly blender club meetings. Projects I worked on are a rocket with fire, turn the picture into an object, quite a bit of video editing and a ghost Dog. Blender has been the most challenging graphics software I ever used but it’s also the most satisfying, Blender can take your imagination anywhere you just have to  figure out how to make it,  you could download blender from Microsoft Windows Mac OS X and it free BSD. There are lots of great tutorials on YouTube which I will be linking showing videos in my blog

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