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Malta Fireworks Tribute

One of the must to do when you visit Malta is go to a village festival to take in a firework show. The village of Hal- Lija which is well know for there fireworks show for the Festa tas-Salvatur which takes place on the first week of August.

I got the opportunity to view the firework show from the roof top of a house in Mosta a village next to Hal-Lija. The firework show was nothing less then epic it lasted for about 2hrs, one of the reasons being so long was last year the village didn't get a permit plus it was an anniversary year.

The other fireworks in this Video are Catherine Wheels from the town of Mosta where they celebrate St Marija Assunta. Rotunda of St Marija Assunta is famous for the church that had a bomb dropped on it during World War 2 and didn’t explode sparing all who where in the church. Construction on the Mosta Dome started May 1833 & consecrated on October 15 1871.

MOSTA Santa Maria Festival__Collage.jpg


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