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On This Day

July 28

Buffalo Soldiers Day

Milk Chocolate Day

1896 Miami is incorporated as a city in Florida

1933 The NFL splits Divisions

1973 The song We’re An American Band is released Grand Funk Railroad

1984 In Los Angeles the Summer Olympics open

1991 Pee-Wee gets caught

1992 The Barenaked Ladies release the album Gordon

1994 The MLBPA decided to call a strike on August 12

1995 The Larry Clarke film Kids is released in theatres

2002 Lance Armstrong wins the Tour de France the win was later erased

Happy Birthday

1866 Baetrix Potter author

1929 Baron Mikel Scicluna Wrestler from Malta

1941 Peter Cullen The voice of Optimus Prime

1943 Richard Wright musician in the band Pink Floyd

1946 Jim Davis cartoonist created Garfield

1958 Terry Fox runner Canada’s Greatest athlete

1962 Rachel Sweet actress

1979 Birgitta Haukdal singer

1986 Alexandra Chando actress

1990 Soulja Boy rapper