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On This Day

September 5

Cheese Pizza Day

1839 The start of The First Opium War

1882 The 1st Labour Day parade is held

1882 The football club Tottenham Hotspur are formed

1901 National Association of Pro Baseball is created

1927 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit the first Disney cartoon is released

1957 The novel On The Road by Jack Kerouac is published

1960 Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay wins Light heavyweight Olympic Gold Medal at the Rome Olympics

1972 At the Munich Olympics 11 Israeli athletes are taken hostage killed by Palestinian Black September group.

1986 At the MTV music video awards are held Money for Nothing by Dire Straits wins music video of the year

1987 American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark is canceled

1988 The album And Justice For All is released by Metallica

1991 The MTV music awards are held Losing My Religion by REM wins video of the year

Happy Birthday

1847 Jesse James gangster

1850 Jack Daniel founder Jack Daniel’s

1929 Bob Newhart comedian, actor

1940 Raquel Welch actress Legally Blonde, Seinfeld, One Million Years B.C. & Bandolero!

1946 Freddie Mercury musician started the band Queen

1946 Buddy Miles musician in the Band of Gypsys

1951 Michael Keaton actor Batman, Robcop, One Good Cop, Gung Ho, Night Shift, & Beetlejuice.

1960 Candy Maldonado baseball player

1964 Kevin Saundeson musician in Inner City

1967 Arnel Pineda sings with the band Journey

1969 Dweezil Zappa musician

1973 Rose McGowan actor Jawbreaker, The Black Dahlia, Planet Terror, Death Proof, & Macete

1983 Priscilla Meirelles model Miss Earth

1993 Gage Golightly actress