The Magic of Baseball Cinema

A day at the theater is just as exciting as going to a game at the ballpark, from the anticipation standing in line chatting with your friends and the fans next to you, as you walk, have your ticket scanned, the first thing you smell is popcorn & hot dogs. Thump thump noise you hear before you walk through the gates. There seems to be tons of films about North America's favorite pastime from a Team of Bad News Bears battling zombie, Girls crying on the field, while breaking ground off, Loser who just keep losing, Fanatic Fans, a home run at the bottom of the ninth and the belief in the magic of baseball cinema.


Brewster's Millions

A carrier minor league pitcher, swings at the chase to inherit millions


Double Play

Opening Day

May 22 1985


Walter Hill

Richard Pryor - Montgomery Brewster

John Candy .- Spike Nolan

Lonette McKee .- Angela Drake


Spike Nolan: Monty, this is Hackensack, NJ. No scout comes here, you understand that. Trains are going through the outfield right now. But you strike this guy out, I'll take you with me tonight and get you drunk, that's a promise.

Ball Park

Biltmore Hotel, Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

Bluebird Field Sun Valley

Sound Track

In the Nick of Time

Patti LaBelle


Inheriting $300,000 millions dollars


35 mm


Panaflex Camera and Lenses by Panavision



Damn Yankees

Selling your soul so your favorite team could win the World Series


Switching batters

Opening Day

September 26 1958

The Team


George Abbott & Stanley Donen


Tad Hunter - Joe Hardy

Gwen Verdon - Lola

Ray Walston - Mr. Applegate

Shannon Bolin - Ms. Meg Boyd


Ball Player

I swallowed my Chewing tobacco

Ball Parks

Wrigley Field

42nd Place & Avalon Blvd

Los Angeles, California, USA


Griffith Stadium

2041 Georgia Ave NW #5B-01, Washington, DC 20060, United States

Sound Track

Two Lost Souls Gwen

Verdon & Tad Hunter


World Series Pennant

Stats / Film Techniques

35 mm




The Bad News Bears

A drunk old baseball player manages a little league team with nothing but misfit kids.