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Home Alone

Home Alone is about 8 year old Kevin McCallister played by Macaulay Culkin is left Home Alone by his family who are off to France. The Wet Bandits Harry ( Joe Pesci) Marv (Daniel Stern) who burglarize homes while families are on Christmas Vacation. They attempted to break into the McCallister’s house. But there no match for Kevin and his bag of tricks. This film is none stop laughs. There is also a cameo by John Candy. The concept started when John Candy & Macaulay Culkin during the filming of Uncle Buck. Home Alone is the highest grossing international comedy earning $533,000,000. The film was released on November 16 1990.

The follow up to Home Alone 2 Lost in New York was released on November 20 1992. This time the Wet Bandits are in New York & once again foiled by Kevin McCallister & a talkboy. Rob Schneider plays Cedric the Hotel bellboy. A cameo appearance by Donald Trump, Dynamite Jimmie Walker & Rip Taylor.

There is also a Home Alone 3 released on December 12 directed by Raja Gosnell, Home Alone 4: The Holiday Heist a TV Movie premiered on November 3.

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