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90’s Animated TV Christmas Specials

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective: The Reindeer Hunter (1995)

This was the premier episode in the show series it aired on December 9 1995 based on Jim Carrey film charter in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movies . The animated series was voiced by Michael Dangerfield who was also in Sausage Party. Ace Ventura mission is to save Santa’s Reindeer who have been taken hostage.



Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

Dr. Claw heads the North Poll and has enslaves Santa’s elves hypnotize them forces them to build broken toys in a plot of revenge for not bring DR. Claw his dirty trick sled when he was a baby claw. There is only one man who can save Christmas now on a secret mission is Inspector Gadget of course with the help of his side kicks Penny & pet dog Brian. Original Aired on December 4th 1992.

Directed by Chuck Patton

Don Adams - Inspector Gadget

Frank Welker - Dr. Claw, Brian & Santa Claus

Erica Horn - Penny