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Naughty or Nice Christmas List

Christmas Mysteries Television Episodes

We all enjoy a good mystery especially at a time like Christmas, where everyone seems to believe there is magic in the air bought to you buy Old Saint Nick, and to the birth of the newborn King.

Cover Up

Christmas Day: February 25 1949

Santa : Alfred E. Green


William Bendix - Sheriff Larry Best

Dennis O’keefe - Sam Donovan

Barbara Britton - Antia Weatherby

Art Baker - Stu Weatherby

Ann E. Todd - Cathie Weatherby

Christmas Card Message: Sheriff Larry Best - Put away that gun, you don't want to be killing anybody not at Christmas time anyhow.


Luger Pistol


Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Santa Claus and the Tenth Avenue Kid

Season 1 Episode 11

Directed by Don Weis


Alfred Hitchcock

Virginia Gregg - Miss Clementine Webster

Barry Fitzgerald - Harold ‘Stretch’ Sears

Bobby Clark -10th ave kid

First aired on CBS December 18 1955 Stretch is out on parole, he is an older man who needs a job in order not to go back to jail and Miss Clementine has a job for him to work as a department store Santa. Stretch wants no part of it but puts on the big red suit anyway. Stretch wines up relating to the 10th Ave. kid, who wants the airplane from the Christmas display, but knows he can't have it because Santa isn't real plus his parents have no money. Stretch steals the airplane for the kid to give him some hope. Stretch wines up getting caught for stealing the airplane, but Miss Clementine comes to the rescue by saying she has Stretch’s paycheque and he has the money for the plane and Stretch stays out of jail for at least Christmas day

The Gift

A stolen Toy Airplane


Harold ‘Stretch’ Sears

Do you live on a farm

Little girl

I live in apartment 3b on Park Avenue

Harold ‘Stretch’ Sears

Too much live stock for one apartment