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Battle Rap

Jeone Frost vs Truancy

Bring the Root of Hip-Hop To Life

On a hot Friday night in August 21st, a Rap Battle took place at United Athletics on 1034 Bloor st. west, Toronto a Boxing Gym! Their is no better place for a lyrical fight then in a boxing ring. The event Hosted on by Fred E Fame, not only is he bring the roots of hip hop to life with MCs battling, to see who brings his best song to the square circle. But also feathered boxing matched, with the soundtrack of a producer battle song compete.

Jenoe Frost invited me out to film his debut performance he grew up in Jamaica, now residing in Toronto. Not only a rapper but a music lover of a genres which bleeds threw his music. His rhymes are conscience, and he can spit real fast.

His opponent Truency rhymes are about the real street life in Toronto. He has just released a mix tape Real Street Music Real Rap.


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