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The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival

Braveheart Perform at Canada Place

We catch the second set of the modern jazz trio Braveheart, serenading the cruisers of the Norwegian Pearl departing from Canada Place. The stevedores load goods onto the ship, to the sounds of the Sax, hits of the drums, to the clinkering of the metal chains of the crane. The beat of the forklift backing up, a bold bass & the crash of a Cymbal. The Pearl of the Sea horns sings along to the Sax, as the Ship sets sail for Alaska, Braveheart sails into the song Give It Time, with the passengers clapping along.

This was truly a remarkable live music experience, so glad I was there to capture the performance on film, watching it back just makes me realize not only why I love music but filming live music as well. Thanks to TD Vancouver Jazz Festival for putting this performance together.

Braveheart are

Ted Crosby – Saxophone, Clarinet

James Meger – Bass

Omar Amlani – Drums

First Inversion Composed by James Meger

Give it time Composed by Omar Amlani


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