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On This Day

January 11

Sir John A. Macdonald Day

1569 England holds its first lottery

1693 An earthquake shakes Malta & Sicily

1970 KC Chiefs win the Super Bowl over The Minnesota Vikings 23 - 7

1973 American League adopts the designated hitter

1982 The Journal hosted by Barbara Frum premieres on CBC

1993 WWE Raw Premiers

1995 Higher Learning directed by John Singleton starring ICE-CUBE, Omar Epps, Michael Rapaport & Laurence Fishburne

1996 Space Shuttle Endeavour 10 is launched into space from Kennedy Space Center

2000 Next Friday is released at the movies starring ICE-CUBE, Mike Epps, & John Witherspoon

Happy Birthday

1956 Big Bank Hank The Sugar Hill Gang

1958 Vicki Peterson The Bangles

1971 Mary J. Blige singer

1978 Holly Brisley actress

1989 Emily Meade actress

1995 Claire Julien actress


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