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On this day

January 8

Bubble Bath Day

1954 Elvis Presley records his first 2 songs Casual Love & I’ll never stand in your way

1966 The Beatles album Rubber Soul Goes #1

1973 Luna 21 Lunik 21a Soviet lunar rover is launched from Baikonur Cosmodromer

1974 The Loch Ness Monster gets photographed

1993 Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls scores his 20,000 career point.

Happy Birthday

1926 Soupy Sales Comedian

1938 Bob Eubanks Game Show Host

1942 Stephen Hawking scientist

1953 Elvis Presley

1974 David Bowie Musician

1967 R, Kelly R&B singer

1975 DJ. Clue? DJ

1983 Kim Jong-un Supreme Leader of North Korean

1995 Ryan Destiny singer ,actress & model.

1996 Isabel Bedoya model

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