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On This Day

March 30

Take a Walk in the Park Day

1858 Hyman l Lipman patents the eraser attached to a pencil

1867 Russia sell Alaska to the USA for 7.2 million dollars

1953 Revised unified theory is announced by Albert Einstein

1954 In Toronto The TTC opes the Yonge Subway line

1955 On the Waterfront win Academy Award for best picture

1959 WNED TV in Buffalo, New York starts broadcasting

1964 Jeopardy debuts with host Art Fleming

1967 The cover of the Beatles Sargent Pepper is photograph

1970 The album Bitches Brew is released by Miles Davis

1987 Platoon win the Academy Award for best picture

1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles release in Theatres

1990 The Film Transylvania Twist hits Theatres Directed by Jim Wynorski Starring Robert Vaughn, Teri Copley & Monique Gabrielle

1993 Onyx releases the album Bacdafucup

2003 WrestleMaina XIX Brock Lesnar wins WWE Championship over Kurt Angle

2008 The Undertaker win World Heavyweight Championship over Edge at WrestleMaina XXIV

Happy birthday

1853 Vincent van Gogh genius artist

1937 Warren Beatty actor Reds, Dick Tracy

1945 Eric Clapton musician

1949 Lene Lovich Musician

1962 MC Hammer rapper You Can’t Touch this

1964 Tracy Chapman musician

1965 Piers Morgan TV Personality

1968 Celine Dion singer

1982 A-Track DJ

1988 Capri Anderson porn star

1989 Kalel Youtube star

1990 Cassie Scerbo actress in Sharknado.



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